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Pharmacist with a shelf of pill bottles.


Meridian Meds was created to serve intellectually disabled patients living in group home settings. Group homes have unique challenges that cannot be adequately addressed by traditional pharmacies.


Our unique insight, capabilities, and passion for improvement have allowed us to mitigate many of the issues inherent in group home settings. Caring for our patients and perfecting this model through continuous improvement is our life work!

Explore our site and see how we are making a difference!

Excellent Prices

Companies with the highest quality typically charge the highest prices. Our goal is the highest quality at the lowest prices. We love achieving the seemingly impossible.


We know our patients, we know most are on Social Security and Food Stamps. We know having money to make memories is more important than over priced medicine. 

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Intuitive Packaging

Our pouch packaging is intuitive for newly hired direct support professionals. In an industry with historically high turnover simple packaging with easy to understand instructions is a must! The fact that is convenient for home visits, outings in the community or trips is an added bonus.

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Integrated Systems

Communication is the foundation for quality. Meridian Meds is integrated and operating on the same patient tracking system.  We have developed state of the art tracking tools like our Clozapine lab tracker. And we have implemented multiple additional audits and best in class auditing tools to ensure patients always have the right medications and no medications are left behind.

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