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Meridian Meds Overview

Meridian Meds Overview

Quality Care

At Meridian Meds, we believe in supporting innovative processes that increase accuracy and medication adherence. We have purchased best in class hardware and developed innovative procedures to increase accuracy. Because we work directly with Chrysalis we have built custom software to communicate and track client information and changes.

Pharmacists working in a pharmacy

Our pharmacists conduct a full med review on each patient on every prescription every month. This step is unique to Meridian Meds.

Lighted tray and computer screen for guided filling of split tablets and other medications.

Our Smart Tray lights the way and guides Our technicians to place the correct medication in the correct location which decreases packaging errors. The Smart Tray is used for Half tabs and other medications not assigned to a canister.

Robot used to fill pouch packaging and a technician working the robot.

Our Pouch Packaging Robot with Smart Canisters is equipped to dispense well over 500 medications into Pouch Packaging. The robot ensures quality and accuracy and creates beautiful and intuitive packaging. It is the heart of our pharmacy.

Robot used to take a picture of every packet to verify the correct pills are in each package.

Our InspectRX Robot is a modern marvel! It takes a picture of every single pouch and digitally audits each pouch to ensure the right medication is in the right pouch.
If there are any questions about medications the robot alerts our pharmacy staff and they personally inspect and correct any issues. It is amazing technology to ensure accuracy!

Pouch packaging example

Our pouch packaging was designed to be incredibly easy for Direct Care Staff to read and administer. The name of the client, date, the day of the week, and time, as well as the medication name, strength, and quantity, are on each pouch.
Waterproof pouches easily detach for activities, trips, or home visits.

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