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Robot used to dispense pouch packaging. Technician is refilling canisters.


The ATP2 is a very capable robot that labels, packages and seals each daily dose of medications. Each pouch has a specific date and time and is labeled with the patients name, date, day of the week, time, and each medication found in that pouch is clearly labeled. Pouch packaging is by far the most accurate and easiest to administer. The pouch packaging system mitigates human error out of the process. And creates very accurate and easy to use pouch packaging.

Drawer of canisters that hold the medications in the robot used for pouch packaging.


Each Canister has been keyed to only fit in one location in the robot. Canisters cannot be refilled unless the barcode of the medication and the matching barcode on the Canister is scanned and matches.  These quality controls help protect the machine from human error.

Meridian upgraded the machine to include a Drawer of Smart Canisters. Smart Canisters increase the capacity of the machine by allowing canisters with RFID chips to be place in any slot in the smart drawer. This allows us to maximize the machine and minimize the number of tray drugs we use.

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